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About us

Dear friends, what is the meaning of travel for each of you?

For some, travel is a rest and doing nothing, for others-an opportunity to change the usual pictures of everyday life , for someone-to arrange an extreme reboot, and someone just likes to eat delicious food.

What is a journey for our team?

A journey is an adventure with meaning. This is what makes each route unique, and this is what makes the trip unforgettable.

At the ADVEN2R club, we select tours and excursions exclusively on this principle.  

  • Clear program for each trip
  • A unique story that turns your journey into an adventure
  • Small groups, no more than 12 people
  • Organized meals on each route
  • Only reliable partners
  • For those who do not have time for a long vacation – short trips from 1 to 3 days
  • For those who are not in a hurry to go home – a trip of 10 days or more
  •  Routes according to your individual program as part of a family or group of friends

Остались вопросы по туру?

Оставьте ваши контакты и текст сообщения, наши эксперты свяжутся с вами для консультации.